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Using an external SD card

Follow these steps if you want to use external SD card instead of internal for storing maps, waypoints, tracks and other data:

  • Go to /sdcard/maverick folder
  • Create folder redirect

For Maverick 2.4+:

  • Create empty file "to.full.path", for example "" to keep data in /storage/extSdCard.

For older versions:

  • Create empty folder with same name as external SD card inside redirect folder, i.e.
    • sdcard/maverick/redirect/sd to keep data in /sdcard/sd/maverick
    • sdcard/maverick/redirect/sdcard2 to keep data in /sdcard2/maverick

Basically Maverick needs to know the name of the external SD card. It will look for the folder called redirect inside folder maverick (usually /sdcard/maverick, should already exists on the internal SD card). Inside folder /maverick/redirect you should create a single folder with the same name as external SD card (sd, sd-ext, sdcard2..). 

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