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Main screen

TeraCopy window can hold multiple panels with associated file list and destination folder.

Bottom toolbar

New list (+)
Create a new panel/file list.
Open file transfers history.
Reopen TeraCopy in elevated (administrator) mode.
Menu (≡)
Open the main menu.


Double-click on the progress bar to enlarge it. 

Use Stop button (■) to stop the process and Close button (x) to close the panel.

Double-click, scroll mouse wheel down or use Maximize button (□) to expand the file list.

File list tab

Target tab

Click on any item to set it as the destination path.

Right-click on any item to add it to favorites.

Target tab menu

This menu allows you to append parts of source directory structure to the destination folder. 

Options tab

Double-click on the panel to expand it and click Options to display this screen.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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