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Main screen

TeraCopy window can hold multiple panels with associated file list and destination folder.

Bottom toolbar

New list (+)
Create a new panel/file list.
Open file transfers history.
Reopen TeraCopy in elevated (administrator) mode.
Menu (≡)
Open the main menu.

On finish 

Close panel
The panel can be re-opened using History button.
Power off the computer or put it into the sleep mode.
Run this Power Shell script.
TeraCopy will also list here all .cmd and .ps1 files from ~\AppData\Roaming\TeraCopy\.


Double-click on the progress bar to enlarge it. 

Use Stop button () to stop the process and Close button (x) to close the panel.

Double-click, scroll mouse wheel down or use Maximize button (□) to expand the file list.

File list tab

Click on the Unattended checkbox to choose what TeraCopy should do in a case of filename collision - skip all files / overwrite all / etc.

Check Verify option to start the verification process automatically when copying is complete.

Item states

The file was copied: Windows reported no errors.
The file was moved: Windows reported no errors.
The file was verified: the checksums of the source and target file are matching.
The file was skipped because 'Skip/Skip All/ Overwrite older' was selected.
There was an error during copying or verification.
The file was deleted successfully.

File list menu

File info
Show the full checksum, open the file or browse its parent folder.
Remove selected
Hide selected files from the list.
Remove transferred
Hide successfully copied/moved files from the list.
Compare source and target files.
Export the file list as HTML or CSV file.
Save checksums
Export the file list as a checksum file.

Target tab

Click on any item to set it as the destination path.

Right-click on any item to add it to favorites.

Target tab menu

This menu allows you to append parts of source directory structure to the destination folder. 

Options tab

Double-click on the panel to expand it and click Options to display this screen.

Click the menu button ( ≡ ) to save these options as default. 

Choose files or drag and drop files
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